Uflex T73FC Zero Torque Rotary Steering Helm


Product Code: 718666
  • Ideal for outboards or boats with moderate torque loads, the T73FC features a patented clutch that eliminates continuous loads at the helm. Due to the advanced Planetary Gear design, the T73FC single cable helm will deliver responsive steering with more balanced steering effort. These helms are intended for use with the Uflex M66 steering cable and X34/X35 mounting bezel. Not intended for use on applications where the horsepower exceeds the rating of the boat.


    • Ideal for larger outboards and surfacing propellers
    • Standard 3/4" tapered shaft
    • Made exclusively in corrosion resistant materials
    • Lock-to-lock steering wheel turns: approx 3.8
    • Stroke: 9"
    • Maximum allowable steering wheel diameter: 16"
    • Minimum steering cable bend radius: 7.9"