Turning Point MasterTorq Hub Kit

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  • MasterTorq 800 Series SDH Sound Dampening Hub utilizes next-generation hybrid hub technology from Turning Point Propellers by blending the best attributes of both traditional pressed-in hubs and newer drop-in hub technology. Dealers and boaters now have access to an all-in-one hub that includes shift shock and vibration dampening characteristics of a pressed-in hub along with the ease of use, replaceability, and reliability of drop-in designs.

    It has been engineered to not let loose and spin over time under normal use, contrary to what is commonly experienced with pressed-in hub propellers. MasterTorq SDH has been designed to break away like Turning Point Propeller’s industry-leading MasterGuard® series of hubs.

    *For specific applications/usage see Turning Point Prop Wizard.


    • DIY, easily replaceable by hand.
    • Adaptable to many engine brands.
    • Reliable over time, not likely to let loose & spin under normal use.
    • Offers lower unit protection. Doesn’t lock into a solid hub position.
    • Includes shift shock and vibration dampening rubber material.
    • Additional dampening through Hub Isolation Technology.