Taylor Made Pontoon Fenders


Product Code: 703819
  • Exclusively designed for the needs of Pontoon Boaters, these unique fenders offer a level of protection to areas on the Pontoon boat other fenders cannot protect. The ‘Pontoon Fender’ is specifically designed to fit snuggly between the pontoon and the deck of the boat, protecting both from rafting boats, docks, or other objects. The ‘Fence Saver’ secures to the fence or railing and is designed to prevent contact to the delicate aluminum fencing, the ‘Fence Saver’ is especially effective preventing those nasty dings that occur when rafting a pontoon boat to a conventional hull boat. The ‘Pontoon Corner Bumpers’ come in two shapes for both radius style and 90º pontoon corners. The corner bumpers mount over the original factory installed aluminum corner sections to provide air-cushioning impact protection when docking. Each corner section is molded from a special grey PVC formulated to match the aluminum colour of the boat and secures with S.S.fasteners. All Pontoon Fenders are made from Taylor’s own Marine-Grade, UV resistant vinyl and have an integrated rubber football style valve for easy inflation.