Taylor Made Boat Top Poles


Product Code: 8b216092-7b56-99f9-5069-c91a960b5fae
  • Manufactured with superior features, these boat bimini tops are sold with the frame, fabric tops and storage boots packaged separately. Frames are available in bright dip anodized aluminum or stainless steel. Stainless steel frames come with stainless steel fittings, bright dip anodized aluminum frames come with marine grade nylon hardware.

    *Determine length of top, 4’, 6’, OR 8’.

    *Determine the width of the top: Measure from mounting point (where top attaches on one side of boat to same location on opposite side of boat (not the same as the beam of the boat or boat width)

    * From mounting location, measure straight up with a tape measure for the correct top height. Choose from 36", 42", or 54"