T-H Marine Z-LAUNCH Watercraft Launch Cord 15′ – Bungee Rope

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  • The Z-LAUNCH™ Watercraft Launch Cord makes solo watercraft launching easier than you've ever experienced. The no-hassle launch cord, made of premium elastics, uses automatically adjusting tension when you back your boat, Jet Ski, or tow tube into the water, so it won't jerk your watercraft around when you pull the trailer forward. Expandable to more than 20', the Z-LAUNCH™ Watercraft Launch Cord attaches in just 3 steps. Fasten a hook to your trailer, connect a steel ring to the winch, and lock the winch. You're ready for the smoothest watercraft launching on the water.

    • Simple and safe operation
    • No-hassle design
    • Attaches easily
    • Unlike rope, will not jerk your watercraft or you
    • Stay safe and dry launching your boat alone
    • Great for ramps with "no power" laws