Sierra Fault Finder 740577

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  • For locating electrical short and open circuits.

    • Includes Cordless Circuit Tester (18-9906) & Fuse Socket Test Connectors (18-9907)
    • Operates on 6 to 42 VDC systems.
    • 8 in. flexible probe reaches in congested places.
    • Adjustable sensitivity.
    • Transmitter and receiver LEDs signal open or short circuit conditions.
    • Auto polarity transmitter that leads with 5 amp alligator clips.
    • Includes hard shell carrying case.

    Cordless Circuit Tester
    Description: Specifically designed for use on autos, trucks, trailers, RV’s & boats.

    • No ground or clip necessary.
    • Range of operation: 3 to 28 VDC.
    • Powered by one AA alkaline battery.
    • Wireless design eliminates tangles.