Sea Dog Rainbow Voltmeter with USB 3.0 and USB-C Power Socket


Product Code: 738165
  • Rainbow Volt Meter with USB 3.0 & USB-C Power Socket charges two devices simultaneously while the rainbow dial displays voltage status. The total output 6A load is split 3A per side as needed. USB 3.0 features Quick Charging (QC) for supported devices, giving enough power to charge phones, pads, and tablets quickly and efficiently. USB-C features Power Delivery (PD) for faster and more flexible charging. Protective dust cap extends the life of the charger. The rainbow display gives the user quick, visual, color-coded voltage information. Red/orange means the voltage is too low. Green means voltage is normal. Rainbow volt meter reads voltage up to 14.6 volts. Includes On/Off button to conserve battery power when not needed. Constructed of injection molded nylon. Installation is as easy as drilling a 1-1/8” hole, inserting the socket body, tightening the locking nut, and connecting the wires. Output DC: 5V/6A. Input: 8-32VDC. IP65 rating. RoHS compliant.