Sea Dog Clamcleat Rope Cleat – up to 1/2″


Product Code: 710448
  • A deceptively simple ridge "V" groove holds ropes firmly, yet is devoid of any moving parts to break or seize. Complementary ranges to satisfy all needs. Marine grade nylon cleats offer very good value for money, for both production builder and sailor alike. They are ideal for most applications where high loads or rope surges are not likely to be encountered. Nylon cleats are corrosion resistant and will last for many years outdoors.Aluminum cleats are available in our standard silver or the new Hard Anodized finish. They are unaffected by the heat generated by a rope surging back through a cleat as well as being suitable for sub-zero temperatures. Hard Anodizing has a high-tech and fashionable appearance as well as offering superior resistance to sea water corrosion. Our research into cleat materials over the years has shown aluminum to be far better for high performance cleats than any polymer, irrespective of any fiber reinforcement or additive. These factors make aluminum cleats the best choice for demanding applications.Most cleats are provided with countersunk fixing holes. Countersunk heat screws or bolts of the recommended size should be used; bolts being preferred. If using rivets with a powered fixing gun, make sure the pressure is not set too high. Fastenings must be entered straight so that the heads do not protrude to snag the rope. Several of the cleats have been designed with a groove in the base enabling them to be fitted to both flat and curved surfaces. Cleats for ropes to 1/2".