Scepter DuraMax Tank Fuel


Product Code: 742019
  • The Duramax fluid transfer siphon pump and patented Flo n’ Go hand pump provide the only re-filling and fluid transfer system you’ll ever need. With environmentally responsible features, we’ve stopped accidental spills and overfilling, providing safer transfer for you an the ecosystem. So whether your fuel needs include water craft, hunting and camping, generator, backyard power equipment, or professional landscaping tools, the superb functionality of the Duramax and Flo n’ Go combination will make refueling a snap.

    • Composed of durable, high-density polyethylene in vibrant red for use with gasoline, diesel, or kerosene fuels.
    • Comes complete with a patented Flo n’ Go hand pump & pump holder handle.
    • 14 gallon (53 litre) volume capacity and a 10’ (305cm) long fuel hose.
    • Includes a bolt on hanger for convenient hose storage.
    • Quickly refuels, using a UL approved, mechanically vented fill cap.
    • Fluid transfer on level surfaces with minimal priming.
    • Sturdy, 6 inch (152mm) wheels, makes manoeuvrability a breeze over rough terrains
    • Ergonomically designed, heavy-duty top handle with extra deep base nit handholds for transport.
    • Recessed grooves provide nuisance free strapping locations for safer transport.
    • Dual mechanical shut-off valves, at both tank and hose, for spill-proof Flo n’ Go disconnection.
    • Meets D.O.T. & UN transportation requirements

    Scepter Continues to set the standard
    Always the leader in portable can technology, Scepter developed the original plastic Jerry Can and changed the industry forever. For almost half a century Scepter has continued to set the standard with evolving product features that are breaking new ground away-from-the-pump fuel transport and transfer like our new Child Resistant Closures (CRC