RJWC Kinetic Tow Rope


Product Code: 455168
  • Elevate your off-roading experience with our High-Ducility Tow Rope in a vibrant red.

    Expertly designed with a unique braided structure, this tow rope significantly increases elasticity, providing a larger ductility of over 20% for 10% of a common load and a workload ductility of over 25%.

    Perfect for SSV and UTV orienteering and specialized operations with engineering trucks, this tow rope will prove invaluable in tough terrains and muddy conditions. Its innovative design is particularly adept at efficiently pulling wheels stuck deep in mud. This makes it not only essential for off-roading enthusiasts but also a must-have for holiday travel.

    Boasting a diameter of 22mm and a length of 9 meters, the tow rope is designed with a core and cover that is 100% Nylon 12-plaited and 24-plaited 2:2 respectively. Weighing just 3kg, it is lightweight yet sturdy, capable of withstanding a breaking strength of 10,000 kg and providing a stretch of over 25%.