PERFORMANCE METAL Bennett Trim Tab Anode (2 pairs)


Product Code: 740668
    • Superior Aluminum/Indium alloy for increased protection
    • Exclusive “Patent Pending” wear indicator
    • Unique attractive packaging

    Wear Indicator:
    The patent pending wear indicator is exclusive to Performance Metals. It takes the guesswork out of when to change. The plastic indicator is embedded in the anode and appears in the surface of the anode when it wears to half its original size. The indicator, along with the unique packaging, transforms sacrificial anodes from a commodity to a true retail product!

    Unique Packaging:

    • Attractive appearance
    • All anodes are mounted on cards or in packs
    • Packs are provided with peghook holes - can be «planogrammed»
    • Anode use listed
    • Installation instructions
    • UPC code for inventory management

    Materials - Comparison: Aluminum anodes provide better protection than zinc, have the longest life and safe in any type of water. Magnesiummust not be used on aluminum outdrives or hulls in saltwater.