Dometic Corp Pro-Pedal Foot Throttle


Product Code: 791234
  • Customizable Foot Throttle Control
    For High Performance Boats

    Driving a high speed bass boat typically requires the driver to keep both hands on the wheel.
    Pro-Pedal is easy to install and can accept the thottle cable the front, behind, or above the unit.


    • The mechanism is “universal,” meaning it will accept any OEM style or 30 series sized cable.
    • Locking fasteners hold a tight fit even under stress.
    • 12.5º angle, for a more comfortable foot position when operating at slow speeds.
    • Robust torsion spring positioned at the hinge point of the throttle provides greatly improved reliability.
    • Pedal position and travel can be easily adjusted to match the ergonomics of the driver while still providing full idle-to-WOT control.
    • The enclosed/contained mechanism prevents debris from inhibiting pedal function.

    As a result, a foot throttle is often installed so the boat can be controlled much like a car.
    SeaStar Solutions is introducing a new foot throttle, the Pro-Pedal, that provides a more comfortable operating experience for the driver and incorporates components that will greatly improve durability and reliability.
    Its compact design keeps the boat floor uncluttered and allows for more room around the pedal.