Dometic Corp Kicker Cable Tiebar

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  • This new Seastar product allows a user to manually steer an auxiliary engine (kicker motor) using their existing Seastar hydraulic steering system. Today this is accomplished with a variety of solid mechanical linkages between the main engine and the auxiliary engine. Teleflex has developed a patent pending design that incorporates a TFXtreme cable as the linkage between the two engines.

    Features :

    • Flexible cable allows for adjustable locations of kicker motor.
    • Allows independent trim/tilt of both engines.
    • Allows full steering stroke of both engines.
    • Simplified installation using universal ABYC steering connection (as per ABYC P17 & P21 standards) on kicker motor.
    • Retrofittable to SeatStar Front Mount Cylinders
    • Incorporates unique patented cable technology