Dometic Corp Capilano Helm Cylinder Inboard

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  • Capilano steering stands for ruggedness and reliability worldwide. Helms include a variable displacement feature enabling the helmsman to adjust the number of steering wheel turns to suit maneuvering and weather conditions. Capilano systems install easily and give years of dependable service. Most inboard powered boats with single or dual engines including planing/displacement hull craft from 30-55 feet in length. Suitable for dual station use with the purchase of extra helm, tubing/hose & fittings. Capilano systems use Dexron II® type ATF fluid. Available with stainless rod & ball joint (TMB models) or stainless rod & bronze clevis (TMC models.) Cylinders with ball joints have 2-axis articulation.

    • Variable displacement helms for adjustable number of steering wheel turns.
    • Heavy duty brass cylinders with bleed fittings; chrome-plated stainless steel rods.
    • Easy installation on single and dual rudder vessels.
    • Systems are not air-pressurized; no air leaks or pressure drops; separate reservoir not needed.
    • Built-in pressure relief in helm protects system rom effects of thermal expansion.
    • Standard 3/4” tapered steering shaft.
    • Meets ABS/Lloyd/Det Norske Veritas specifications.