Captain Phab LOOBIT – Multi Lubricant & Wire Rope Dressing


Product Code: 703374
  • Loobit is a multi use, heavy-duty lubricant, formulated for use on rollers, drive chains, wire rope and cables, internal control cables, open gears, exposed bearings, load bearings, load bearing hinges and pivot points, mechanical controls and more. This superior long lasting lubricant leaves a clear protective film impervious to moisture, salt, water, most chemicals and gases. Extends wire cable life up to 40%* by reducing interior friction and displacing moisture.

    • Superior long lasting formula
    • Withstands high pressures
    • Clean, non-tar or creosote formula
    • Low viscosity, easy to apply
    • Proven by industry for more than 50 years
    • Will not attract dust, dirt and abrasives
    • User friendly, compatible with all paint finishes